Sunday, July 11, 2010

She's back!

What a whirlwind two months we've had. I finally got most of the photos from our adventures onto my laptop, hence this blog post.

So here's what we've been doing!

Memorial day cookout at the Sanderlin home.

Swimming with Taffy.

We visited our friends for dinner at their beautiful farm, Boxcarr Farm. Alice and the baby goats were a ridiculously cute combo.

In preparation for Suzi and Kyle's wedding we did a lot of celebrating - sharing food and drink with friends. Alice and Rick shared quite a few corn chips on this evening!

Alice was one of several adorable little flower girls at the wedding!!

The next weekend, Alice's uncle Seth and aunt Dawn got married! Here she is at Grandma Carol's house - in a basket.

She got some QT in with lots of relatives, including Grandpa Chip, who drove up from Arkansas for the occasion!

And her wonderful, precious cousin Yossi who is just 6 days her junior. They had so much fun playing together and she was very sad when he had to go home to Texas.

A day or two after the wedding, we flew out to Portland to visit Alice's uncle Park. The time change left us all a little sleepy, but we did all kinds of fun stuff anyway.

Astoria Tower

Oregon Zoo

Jamison Square swimming.

Laurelhurst Park

View of Mt. Hood, Mt. Saint Helens, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Jefferson and Mt. Adams and a very tired baby.

From Portland, we flew back to the east coast to go to the Willis/Weaver family reunion in Mt. Gretna, PA. Alice got to meet her new cousins Mihret and Agegnehu and lots of other relatives!

Our last trip to the Jigger Shop for ice cream!